Dr Deepak Chopra Books

Why Dr Deepak Chopra's books would set a new direction to your life?Dr Deepak Chopra, a global super-sage who assimilated the ancient oriental essence with western modernity, has authored more than fifty books over a span of twenty three years. His offerings cover a magnificent range of topics, including holistic heath, nutrition, yoga, new age spirituality, meditation and the after-life mysticism. At least twenty five books by Dr Deepak Chopra including 'Ageless Body, Timeless Mind'; 'Creating Affluence'; 'The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success', 'The Return of Merlin'; 'The Path to Love' and 'How to know God' have sold more than ten million copies worldwide. Dr Deepak Chopra believes in integration between earthly and spiritual, and advocates the fusion of conflicting aspects of live to harness the best through the quintessential New-Age Mantra so as to integrate multiple dimensions of oneself into a harmonious whole. He provides the direction on how to manage your body and train your soul to reach pinnacle of success, and simultaneously, attain supreme happiness, to embrace both material endowment and explore spiritual core.

It is really intriguing and mind-boggling to observe his expertise and success to merge and assimilate disparate threads of contradiction - between traditional Hindu philosophy and American wisdom, allopathy and aurveda or natural healing, transcendental meditation and quantum physics. In his works, Dr Deepak Chopra has maintained his equipoise between fiction and non-fiction. In his book "the Return of Merlin" -which is captivating, mesmerizing, and at the same time suspenseful - Dr Deepak Chopra in his introduction writes that it is "about waking up the wizard that sleeps within all of us, so that we can reclaim the field of pure knowledge and dream a new world into reality, from the purity of our hearts.”
In his book "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success", he emphasizes that success is a journey, not a destination. Success in life could be defined as the continued expansion of happiness and the progressive realization of worthy goals. He explains the laws of pure potentiality, giving, karma, least effort, intention and desire, detachment, and dharma and includes useful suggestions on how to apply these fundamental, natural principles if one is truly searching for purpose and a satisfying life.

In his best selling book "Ageless Body, Timeless Mind", Dr Deepak Chopra says "“Aging is much more of a choice than people ever dream” and for that, it is essential to reinterpret the concept of body and realize the “changeless I” inside of us, which the ancient sages in India simply called the Self (Soham). He talks about the Outer "I" and the Inner "Eye". The outer I embodies our physical and materialistic being, the outer "Eye" is the real “I” living within the soul; it is immutable and our goal is to connect it to the world Spirit, i.e. “unity consciousness.”

As a tribute to this doyen of New age spirituality, I created PANACIA, a collection of books by Dr. Deepak Chopra, in the form of an Amazon's aStore. I do value the comments from the readers.